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FiiO LL-RC kulaklık kablosu, yüksek kaliteli bir bağlantı ve üstün ses aktarımı sağlamak üzere tasarlanmıştır. Bu denge kablosu, Furukawa markasının tek kristalini kullanır ve çok yönlü ve çeşitli ses aygıtlarıyla uyumlu 4,4 mm ve 3,5 mm konektörler sunar.


Furukawa Monocrystalline Copper Headphone Cable LL-RC 2024 Is Officially Released!


What are the advantages of the FIIO Furukawa monocrystalline copper headphone cable?

A high-end headphone cable should be high-quality in all aspects. Compared to the typical headphone cable, the FIIO LL-RC 2024 contains not only high-quality materials, but also has gone through careful design considerations regarding material processing, build quality, and ergonomics informed by our seventeen years of acoustic design experience – ensuring the cable fully unleashes the potential of your headphones.


LL-RC 2024 sound characteristics

The FIIO LL-RC 2024 uses secondary-refined Furukawa authentic monocrystalline copper materials, which enhances the sound of the headphones for a revitalized and clear sound.


Genuine Furukawa authentic copper material, imported from Japan

Behind excellent sounding products are high-quality materials. The copper materials of the LL-RC 2024 cable are sourced from Furukawa Denki Industrial Co., Ltd in Japan, with official certification. You can be assured of the cable’s pleasant sound thanks to its genuine quality materials.


Secondary-refined monocrystalline copper

The copper wires in the LL-RC 2024 undergo extensive treatment in order to ensure excellent signal transmission performance through the wires. After undergoing the treatment pores, impurities and grain boundaries in the copper are minimized – allowing signals to travel more unimpeded through the wires, giving the LL-RC 2024 excellent audio performance.


Silver-containing lead-free solder

The high-quality nature of the LL-RC 2024 extends to aspects that are not immediately visible, such as the solder used. The LL-RC 2024 employs high-quality silver-containing lead-free solder, which allows signals to flow smoothly through the wires with minimal losses. The result is a more transparent and fuller sound, taking your listening experience to the next level.


Two cable lengths

The LL-RC 2024 is available either as a 1.5m long or a 3m long cable. The 3m version is suitable for use cases that require a longer cable, such as for particular listeners, for gaming, or for professional recording studios. The shorter 1.5m version allows for easier storage and is more convenient for daily usage, as well as being more flexible. Both versions come with Velcro cable ties to allow users to easily manage the cable.

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